GOLOS is a collection of stories told by, and about the people of Ukraine; exploring from a unique perspective the nature of human identity and the region’s history. The Maidan revolution, where the narrative starts, creates the backdrop as we visit four cities and listen to their inhabitants; old, young, and from different educational, ethnic and economic backgrounds. By documenting what people celebrate and what national holidays mean to them, the film provides a context for people to communicate their hopes, fears and ambitions. These poignant encounters show a common struggle for peace despite differences of opinion, and the influences and memories that form Ukrainian identity.
GOLOS is written, produced, co-directed and narrated by London based actress and writer Dolya Gavanski. The film includes a beautiful, haunting score by Alexander ‘Sacha’ Puttnam and is co-directed by young Ukrainian filmmaker, Fedor Levchenko. LIFFwinner2016_for web