The men and women of Ukraine
voice their dreams and nightmares
Golos takes us outside the polarised rhetoric on either side of the Ukrainian conflict and gives voice to those stuck in the middle; at once a history lesson and a taking-of-the-temperature of a people thrust into an unwanted war.

Gabriel Gatehouse, BBC Newsnight

A compelling and moving documentary about Ukraine today which provides a platform for ordinary people of all ages to express their response to war. Filmed across four cities, the film takes us straight to the hearts of its citizens.
Directors: Dolya Gavanski
& Fedor Levchenko


Korean girl
Who is spinning the wheel in this game and why it remains unclear.
Young guy
With these events everything got messed up and now someone associates the 9th of May with the Soviet times, but for me is a peaceful sky over the head.
Young mom
Every year the school books are changed according to government convenience.


Lviv chess
Lviv chocolate
Lviv musicians
At the level of cultural development I want Russians to leave us alone and allow us to go our own way.
Girl vishivanka
Victory day has become an insignificant holiday for me in a view of the recent events.
Man in a cap
The Day of Lviv City is the most important holiday… If your house is not in order how can the country be?


School girl
For me the most important event is 9th of May.
Crying old lady
We never thought a war could develop at such a peaceful time.
Women flowers
Russia and Ukraine are very close.


There is a proverb — one is not born Odessan, one becomes Odessan.
Today it is clear: there is an information war beside the real war in Eastern Ukraine.
Old man
Happiness, that is peace. When peace comes to Ukraine I will be happy – a citizen of peace.